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The electronic version of the JARPA is a fill-in form with help screens for each question. You must have an Internet connection to use the help screens. Non-internet users can contact the ORIA Information Center, who can provide you with an application packet and answer any questions.

Is your project for a mooring buoy? You can access a streamlined JARPA form for mooring buoys by clicking here.

Is your project for shellfish aquaculture?  A JARPA instruction form addressing concerns specific to shellfish permitting can be accessed here.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife accepts applications for Hydraulic Project Approvals (HPAs) through their new online Aquatic Protection Permitting System (APPS). Using APPS, you may submit your HPA application, view the status of your submitted applications, and receive HPAs issued to you. A link to APPS is available at:

You may use APPS to apply for a Hydraulic Project Approval only. JARPA is still used to apply for permits from other agencies.

APPS can be used to produce a draft JARPA that includes information submitted in the online APPS application. You can then complete the JARPA outside of APPS and submit it to other permitting agencies that require a JARPA form. 

For updated mailing addresses, go to JARPA Contacts.

JARPA Form and Attachments
JARPA Form (revised 07/2022) MS Word Version PDF Version
Attachment A: For Additional Property Owners MS Word Version PDF Version
Attachment B: For Additional Project Locations MS Word Version PDF Version
Attachment C: Contact Information for Adjoining Property Owners MS Word Version PDF Version
Attachment D: Construction Sequence MS Word Version PDF Version
Attachment E: Aquatic Use Authorization on Department of Natural Resources (DNR)-managed aquatic lands MS Word Version PDF Version
Fish Habitat Enhancement Projects (revised 07/25/2021) MS Word Version PDF Version
Habitat Recovery Pilot Program 
The Habitat Recovery Pilot Program (HRPP) is designed to streamline the local and state environmental permitting process for habitat recovery projects that benefit freshwater, estuarine, marine fish, or their habitats. More information can be found on the WDFW website and in the Regulatory Handbook (updated 08/2022)
MS Word Version PDF Version

Instruction A: Completing the JARPA MS Word Version PDF Version
Instruction B: Help and Guidance (revised 02/2020) MS Word Version PDF Version
Get Help

If you need help filling out JARPA or determining which forms you need, contact the ORIA Information Center.
Telephone: (800) 917-0043 or (360) 725-0628.

JARPA Contacts

Find contacts for permits applied for with the JARPA form here.