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JARPA Contacts

Resource Agency Contact Information

The contact information below is for the offices where you may need to send signed copies of your JARPA form. They can also answer any questions you may have.

Department of the Army (Section 404 and Section 10)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District
Regulatory Branch
P.O. Box 3755
Seattle, WA 98124-3755
Tel: (206) 764-3495
Fax: (206) 764-6602
To find a list of Project Managers assigned to your county, region, or project please visit:
Department of Ecology (401 Water Quality Certification)

Mail all applications to headquarters.
Washington State Department of Ecology - Headquarters, Federal Permit Unit Attention: Federal Permit Unit
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600
Tel: (360) 407-6000
For questions, email
Department of Fish and Wildlife (Hydraulic Project Approval)

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife accepts applications for Hydraulic Project Approvals (HPAs) through their new online Aquatic Protection Permitting System (APPS). Using APPS, you may submit your HPA application, view the status of your submitted applications, and receive HPAs issued to you. A link to APPS is available at:

You may use APPS to apply for a Hydraulic Project Approval only. JARPA is still used to apply for permits from other agencies.

If you prefer to use JARPA to apply for an HPA, you may follow the directions below.

Send applications to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Submit your application to the headquarters office in Olympia unless you are requesting emergency processing.

You should request emergency HPAs verbally from the local Habitat Biologist. Coverage areas and contact information for Habitat Biologists are available at After business hours, contact the emergency hotline at (360) 902-2537.

Requests for modifications of issued non emergency HPAs must be submitted in writing to the headquarters in Olympia. Requests for modifications of emergency HPAs may be made verbally to the Habitat Biologist that issued it.

Application documents may not exceed 11" x 17".

If your application package (including the JARPA, plans, photos, etc.) contains more than 30 pages, also include digital files of all application documents on a CD, DVD, or other electronic storage media in formats compatible with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Access programs or in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or GIF formats.

You may submit your application package by email. The subject line of each email must state "JARPA for HPA". Your application materials may only be in the formats identified above. The JARPA must include your signature. The combined size of the attachments to any single email must be less than 30 megabytes. Submit several emails with fewer attachments to avoid exceeding this size limit. When Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife receives your email it will send notification of receipt to the sending email address. If you do not receive this notification, your application has not been received and you should resubmit it with fewer or smaller attachments and double-check your spelling of the email address.

Applications packages submitted by email or fax must contain all application materials you are submitting for consideration. Do not additionally submit paper copies to supplement your emailed application.


Headquarters - Receives all new applications and written requests for modifications to issue HPA's when emergency processing is NOT being requested. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
PO BOX 43234
Olympia, Washington 98504-3234
Tel: (360) 902-2534
TDD: (360) 902-2207
Fax: (360) 902-2946
Habitat Biologists - Receive verbal requests for emergency HPAs. Also receive questions about hydraulic projects prior to application submittal. Coverage areas and contact information for Habitat Biologists are available at For emergencies only: After business hours, contact the hydraulic emergency hotline at (360) 902-2537.
Department of Natural Resources (Aquatic Use Authorization)

Send applications to the District Office where your project is located. Include Attachment E and the $25 application fee.

If you plan to carry out habitat restoration or compensatory habitat mitigation projects on state-owned aquatic lands, please go to

For a map of DNR regional offices, go to:

For questions contact DNR headquarters at (360) 902-1100 or you local aquatics land manager:
Orca Straits District Attention: Aquatics Land Manager
919 N Township Street
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284-9384
Tel: (360) 856-3500
Shoreline District Attention: Aquatics Land Manager
950 Farman Avenue N
Enumclaw, WA 98022-9282
Tel: (360) 825-1631
Rivers District Attention: Aquatics Land Manager
601 Bond Road
PO Box 280
Castle Rock, WA 98611-0280
Tel: (360) 577-2025
Department of Natural Resources (Mooring Buoy Applications)

For questions, email
Send all mooring buoy applications to: DNR Aquatic Resources Division
Attention: Mooring Buoy Program
1111 Washington St. SE, MS 47027
Olympia, WA 98504-7027
Tel: (360) 902-1074
Local Government (Shoreline Permit)
Send to the appropriate city or county planning, building, or community development department. Contact your city or county for more information.
Coast Guard (Private Aids to Navigation)
Private Aids to Navigation Commander 13th Coast Guard District (OAN)
915 Second Avenue, Room 3510
Seattle, WA 98174-1067
Attn: PATON Manager
Tel: (206) 220-7285
Fax: (206) 220-7265
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